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Own a Home

How to Apply

If your family, or a family you know, is in need of decent, affordable housing, please view the information below to learn more about the process. We select “partner families” to become Habitat homeowners. Habitat for Humanity follows a nondiscriminatory policy of family selection. Neither race nor religion is a factor in choosing partner families. Partner families are always selected based on their level of need, ability to pay and willingness to partner.

Applicants are required to meet several qualifications to ensure success. Each Habitat affiliate has its own guidelines. The guidelines for Scott County Habitat are below. After reviewing this information, please contact our office to apply. One of our caring staff members will explain the application process and provide information on the availability, size and cost of Habitat homes in the Scott County area.

Selection Process & Requirements

There are several steps taken by Scott County Habitat in the selection of partner families in the counties of Scott and Bourbon including:

  • Staff and selection committee review of applications
  • Check income and credit reports
  • Visit applicants’ homes
  • Interview applicants and their families
  • Review and approval by Family Selection Committee and Board of Directors

Please note: Partner families are selected based upon an actual need for housing, ability to pay, and willingness to partner. Scott County Habitat /dba Bourbon County Habitat does not discriminate because of age, race, religion, sex, handicap status, veteran status, marital status, or national origin. It takes approximately 12-18 months from the time a selected family applies to the time they move into their Habitat home.

To be eligible to become a Scott County Habitat for Humanity Partner Family, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a legal United States resident
  • Live or work in Scott or Bourbon County for at least one continuous year prior to application
  • Earn a minimum of $2,000 gross per month
  • Have a steady source of income for two years prior to filing the application, or one year if you’ve been at your current job for one year.
  • Any bankruptcy filings must have been discharged a minimum of one year prior to filing an application
  • (Maximum Income) — Have a total household income which does not exceed 60% of the median income for similar size families in Scott or Bourbon County.

Demonstrate the following:

  1. Substantial need for housing–Your home must be:
  • Substandard–problems with heat, water, electricity, structure
  • Insufficient space–lacking enough bedrooms for the number of people in the household
  • Dangerous–located in unsafe or unsanitary living conditions
  • Inadequate–not suited for a family member who has a limitation
  • Temporary or transitional housing– family currently living with relatives, family in emergency shelter, homelessness • Cost Burdened – paying more than 40% of income for rent
  • Subsidized for an extended period of time
  • Unable to obtain a conventional mortgage
  1. Ability to Pay:
  • Your income will not stop or decrease by owning a home and is stable over time
  • Your income will allow you to make 10 monthly payments of $60 for your first year of homeowner’s insurance ($600) before you move into the house
  • Your credit report and current debts are satisfactory
  • Your income does not qualify you for other homeownership programs
  1. Willingness to partner with Scott County Habitat:
  • Completing the application on time with all the requested information
  • Be willing to move to a new location within Scott or Bourbon County
  • Agree to complete sweat equity hours (includes all homeowner classes)
  • Show that the family is ready for the responsibilities of owning and keeping up a home and yard

Application Process

Program Qualifications Overview

If you think you meet the qualifications for Habitat’s homeownership program, please stop by the Scott County Habitat office to pick up a homeownership application. You may complete the application and return it to the Habitat office.

  • Complete the full application; bring to SCHFH office.
  • A verification form from landlords, employers, child support etc will need to accompany the application
  • Bring pay stubs from the previous two months and taxes for the last 2 years
  • Bring documentation of any other sources of income (i.e. child support, social security, etc.)
  • By completing the application, you give permission for a background credit check, criminal records check, sex offender registry check.

Sweat Equity

Sweat equity is the partner family’s non-cash contribution toward the building of their home. It is a recognition of each Partner Family’s commitment to future Habitat homeownership. Partner families are responsible for providing sweat equity hours toward their house. Friends and family of the partner family may volunteer and count their hours toward the partner family’s sweat equity. 250 hours of sweat equity are required of each adult in the household who are 18 years old and older. No more than 500 hours will be required of any family.

What are common types of sweat equity activities?

  • Attendance at designated meetings and workshops, including budgeting and home maintenance classes. 
  • Construction of Habitat homes
  • Work in the Scott County Habitat office or Habitat ReStore
  • Specified community events/activities